Göttingen Aug 2012

OptALI Summer School on Optimization with focus on Robust Optimization, 27-31 August 2012, Göttingen

The  OptALI team of the University of Göttingen is happy to announce  a summer school on (robust) optimization and its applications in August 2012. It especially addresses the members of the OptALI Project but it is also open to other young researchers.

The 2012 OptALI summer school covers different topics on optimization such as integer programming, multi-objective optimization and column generation. A special focus is given to robustness and planning under uncertainty, mainly on the Thursday and Friday.


Prof. Anita Schöbel and the research group of optimization at the Institute of Numerical and Applied Mathematics at the University of Göttingen.


Important: The registration fee has been reduced from 60€ to 30€, but does not include lunch anymore!

There will be a registration fee of 30€ to cover expenses for the organisation. It includes the social event with a barbecue and coffee breaks. The fee is payable in cash on the first day of the workshop. Please note that we can accept Euros only.
For registration and further information please contact Robert Schieweck (r.schieweck at math.uni-goettingen.de).

We are looking forward to seeing you in Göttingen!


If you need help finding a place to stay in Göttingen, please contact Robert Schieweck (r.schieweck at math.uni-goettingen.de)!

Kasseler Hof
The hotel “Kasseler Hof” (German website) is within 15 minutes walking distance of the workshop location and close to the train station as well.

Hostel 37
If you are looking for a cheaper place to stay, we recommend “Hostel 37” (English website) which offers single rooms for 32€, a place in double room for 24€ per person and a place in a 4-bed dormitory room for 20€ per person. The Hostel 37 is within 20 minutes walking distance from the workshop location.


The summer school will take place in the building of the Institute for Numerical and Applied Mathematics. The address is

Lotzestr. 16-18
37083 Göttingen

Registration and coffee breaks will take place in the social room on the ground floor, sessions and lectures will be held in the seminar room on the first floor. There will be signs to guide you.

Please see the table below for an overview of the workshop program. A printable and detailed version is available as PDF: [Download not found]. The abstracts are also available for download now: [Download not found].

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30-9:00 Registration
9:00-10:30 Lecture 1.I by M. Ehrgott
Multiobjective Optimization for
Robust Solutions in Practice
Lecture 2.I by J. Larsen & R. Lusby
Column Generation in
Industrial Applications
Lecture 3.I by C. Thielen
Algorithmic Game Theory
and Applications
10:00-11:00 Session 5
Decision Making under
9:00-10:00 Session 7
Recovery Robustness
10:00-10:30 Open problem presentations
11:00-12:30 Lecture 1.II
Lecture 2.II
Lecture 3.II
11:30-12:30 Keynote Talk by H. Hamacher
Evacuation Planning Using
Combined Flow and Location Models
11:00-12:30 Group work on open problems
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 Session 1
Multiobjective Optimization
Session 3
Session 4
Nonlinear Optimization
14:00-15:00 Lecture 4 by A. Schöbel
Robust Optimization
13:30-14:30 Presentation of results
15:30-17:00 Session 2
OptALI Board Meeting
(group leaders only)
Social event
with barbecue
15:00-16:30 Invited Lecture by S. Stiller
17:00-18:30 Session 6
Issues on Robustness
19:00 Dinner at restaurant “ZAK”
everyone pays upon their own
19:00 Dinner at restaurant “Sambesi”
everyone pays upon their own

Session 1: Multiobjective Optimization
S. Moradi: Traffic Assignment and Bi-Objective Multi-Commodity Flow
O. Perederieieva: Solving the Time Surplus Maximisation Bi-Objective User Equilibrium Model of Traffic Assignment: [Download not found]
J. Ide: Robustness in Multiobjective Optimization: [Download not found]

Session 2: Scheduling
A. Phillips: Optimisation based Models and Methods for the University Course Timetabling Problem
M. Tiedemann: An LP-Based Heuristic for Flexible Job Shop Scheduling: [Download not found]
A. Mason: OpenSolver & SolverStudio – Free tools for optimisation using Excel

Session 3: Transportation
C. Gwiggner: Rules and Algorithms in Tactical Air Traffic Management: [Download not found]
A. Raith: Robust Bicriteria Paths – Robustness Concepts and Solution Methods: [Download not found]
P. Thorlacius: Rolling Stock Rotation Planning at DSB S-tog: [Download not found]

Session 4: Nonlinear Optimization
G. Lube: Optimal Control of Convection Dominated Transport Problems: [Download not found]
M. Thaher: Efficient Algorithms for the Maximum Convex Sum Problem
R. Hübner: Robust Integer Nonlinear Opimization[Download not found]

Session 5: Decision Making under Uncertainty
J. Geldermann: Uncertainties in Decision Making in Production and Logistics: [Download not found]
S. Wiedenmann: Supply Planning under Uncertainties for the Industrial Use of Renewable Resources

Session 6: Issues on Robustness
R. Sramek: What can we learn from two instances of the same problem?: [Download not found]
D. Schmidt: Single-Commodity Robust Network Design: [Download not found]
M. Schmidt: Robust Timetable Information: [Download not found]

Session 7: Recoverable Robustness
M. Goerigk: Recovery Robustness with Metrics
C. Büsing: k-Distance Recovery Robustness: [Download not found]

Lecture 1: Multiobjective Optimization for Robust Solutions in Practice
M. Ehrgott [Download not found]&[Download not found]&[Download not found]&[Download not found]

Lecture 2: Column Generation in Industrial Applications
J. Larsen & R. Lusby: [Download not found]&[Download not found]&[Download not found]

Lecture 3: Algorithmic Game Theory and Applications
C. Thielen : [Download not found]

Lecture 4: Robust Optimization
A. Schöbel: [Download not found]

Invited Lecture:
S. Stiller

Keynote:Evacuation Planning UsingCombined Flow and Location Models
H. Hamacher: [Download not found]


Group picture

Program Committee

  • Marc Goerigk
  • Marie Schmidt
  • Anita Schöbel

Organizing Committee

  • Marco Bender
  • Marc Goerigk
  • Ruth Hübner
  • Jonas Ide
  • Thorsten Krempasky
  • Robert Schieweck
  • Marie Schmidt
  • Anita Schöbel
  • Morten Tiedemann
  • Stephan Westphal