Auckland Feb 2011

Summer School on Integer Programming, 14-18 Feb 2011, Auckland

The Operations Research Group of the Department of Engineering Science organises a summer school on special integer programming problems arising in practical applications.

Many real world applications of optimisation lead to mathematical models formulated as integer programmes. The application often implies that the integer programming problems have special structure or certain features that can be exploited for their solution. In this series of lectures we will present a selection of integer programming models and techniques for their solution which exploit the context of the application.

The summer school will comprise lectures and presentations by professors, experienced researchers and students. Each day will be devoted to a one or two different topics presented by a distinguished lecturer.

Organisers: Prof. Matthias Ehrgott, Dr Andrew Mason, Dr Andrea Raith, Prof. David Ryan

Participation is free. For information or registration please contact Matthias Ehrgott, m.ehrgott at

Workshop Details:

Seminar Room 439-203, Level 2, 70 Symonds St, University of Auckland, New Zealand.
Computer Lab 439-427, Level 4, 70 Symonds St, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Daily Schedule:
9am-11am: Lecture
11am-11:30: Morning Tea
11:30am-12:30pm: Tutorial
12:30pm-2pm: Lunch
2pm-4pm: Lecture
4pm-4:30: Afternoon Tea
4:30pm-5:30pm: Tutorial

Monday 14 Feb:
To start the workshop, all attendees are invited to make short presentations on their current research areas and discuss areas of collaboration. Presentations will start at 9am.

Speakers are:

Andrew Mason: OpenSolver
Ed Bulog: Compile time customisation for staff scheduling with neighbourhood-constrained column generation
Oddo Zhang: Ambulance Moveup
Tony Downward: Generator optimisation over transmission in deregulated electricity markets
Susanne Wiedenmann: [Download not found]

Katharina Beygang: [Download not found]
Kenneth Kuhn: Overview of research activities

This will be followed by an OptAlI Board meeting in the late afternoon.

Tuesday 15 Feb:
Morning: Professor Anita Schöbel, University of Göttingen. Robust Optimization

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Marie Schmidt, University of Göttingen. [Download not found]

Afternoon: Dr Stuart Mitchell, University of Auckland: Integer Programming using PULP and Dippy
PuLP Installation and Documentation including OptALI Workshop 2011 material. Download [Download not found] [Download not found] [Download not found].

Wednesday 16 Feb:
Professor David Ryan, The University of Auckland, New Zealand: Set Partitioning Problems and Applications

Thursday 17 Feb:
Professor Sven Krumke, Technical University of Kaiserslautern: Online Optimization – Theory and Practice

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Christiane Zeck, Technical University of Kaiserslautern: [Download not found]

Friday 18 Feb:
Morning: Professor Anita Schöbel, University of Göttingen. Integer Programming with Transport Applications

Lecture download
Exercises [Download not found]

Marie Schmidt, University of Göttingen. [Download not found]

Afternoon: Professor Matthias Ehrgott & Dr Andrea Raith, The University of Auckland, New Zealand: Dealing with Multiple Objectives

Lecture [Download not found]
Lecture [Download not found]
Exercise [Download not found]

List of Particpants

Anita Schöbel, Marie Schmidt, Susanne Wiedenmann (University of Göttingen)

Sven Krumke, Christiane Zeck, Katharina Beygang, Ines Raschendorfer (Technical University of Kaiserslautern)

Kenneth Kuhn (University of Canterbury)

Matthias Ehrgott, Andrew Mason, Andrea Raith, David Ryan, Tony Downward, Oddo Zhang, Iain Dunning, Imran Ishrat, Siamak Moradi, Jon Pearce, Suart Mitchell, Tim Harton, Antony Philips, Stephan Hassold (University of Auckland)

Auckland Workshop Participants

Auckland Workshop Participants