D1.3: Description of research seminars

Sönke Behrends: Minimization of a polynomial over the integers (355)

Sönke Behrends: Unconstrained polynomial integer minimization (337)

Katharina Beygang: The train marshalling problem (1390)

Simon Bull: Line Planning to Minimize Passenger System Time (270)

Guillermo Cabrera: Simultaneous beam angle and uence intensity multi-objective optimisation in intensity modulated radiation therapy (831)

Lin Chen: Multi-Objective Optimisation for decision making in road maintenance (365)

Oscar Dowson: MOO: the Milk Output Optimiser. A Management tool for New Zealand dairy farmers. (375)

Sybille Dühring: Multi-Objective Decision Support for Hierarchical Production Planning of Wood Recycling Cascades (624)

Marc Goerigk: Operations Research for Robust Bus Timetables in Auckland (885)

Marc Goerigk: Public Transport in Auckland – Modelling and Predictions (862)

Bob Grün: Organizing Teacher Education In German Universities: An Operations Research Approach (1039)

Isaac Hamling: An Allocation Algorithm for Distributed Gaming in Internet Cafes (349)

Isaac Hamling: An Allocation Algorithm for Distributed Gaming in Internet Cafes (330)

Jonas Harbering: LinTim as a Toolbox for Integrative Public Transportation Planning (458)

Jonas Harbering: Stop Location and Line Planning in the Framework of Integrative Public Transportation Planning with LinTim (441)

Jonas Harbering: Planning the Public Transport from an Optimization Point of View (413)

Jonas Harbering: Line Planning in the Scope of Integrative Public Transportation Planning (474)

Philipp Heßler: Evacuation by Bus with Integrated Location Decisions (501)

Ruth Hübner: Ellipsoid Bounds for Convex Quadratic Integer Programming (877)

Ruth Hübner: Ellipsoid Bounds for Convex Quadratic Integer Programming (959)

Jonas Ide: Strict robustness in multi-objective optimization (972)

Tor Fog Justesen: Aircraft Stand Allocation with Associated Resource Scheduling (1008)

Simon Kristiansen: Elective Course Student Sectioning at Danish High Schools (957)

Kuan-Min Lin: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis to External Radiotherapy Treatment Planning (759)

Ethan Zhengliang Liu: Optimization over the Efficient Set of a Multiobjective Problem (853)

Siamak Moradi: The Linear Bi-Objective Multi-Commodity Minimum Cost Flow Problem (1071)

Siamak Moradi: Bi-Objective Decomposition Method for Solving the Bi-Objective Multi-Commodity Minimum Cost Flow Problem (826)

Olga Perederieieva: Bi-objective Traffic Assignment Based on Time Surplus Maximisation (962)

Olga Perederieieva: Bi-objective Trac Assignment with Multiple User Classes: A Time Surplus Approach (726)

Olga Perederieieva: Bi-objective Shortest Path Problem in the Context of Traffic Assignment (340)

Antony Phillips: Optimisation based methods for University Course Timetabling (919)

Antony Phillips: Minimal Perturbation Problems in University Course Timetabling (279)

Samuel Ridler: Ambulance Move-up (321)

Robert Schieweck: Line location with outliers (671)

Robert Schieweck: Locating a median strip in the plane (700)

Marie Schmidt: Delay management with rerouting of passengers (1165)

Marie Schmidt: Robust timetable information (1015)

Marie Schmidt: Integrating routing decisions in public transportation models (1302)

Florian Seipp: A polynomial time approach for the multiple objective minimum spanning tree problem (1066)

Tong-Wook Shinn: Shortest Paths, Bottleneck Paths, and Matrix Multiplication (688)

Mohammed Thaher: Investigating Efficient Algorithms for Maximum Convex Sum Problem (1068)

Per Thorlacius: Integrated Rolling Stock Planning for Suburban Passenger Train Services - Bringing Seats to Everyone at The Lowest of Costs (642)

Per Thorlacius: Why good projects go bad and what you can do about it (275)

Morten Tiedemann: Competitive Analysis for Multi-Objective Online Optimization Problems (476)

Morten Tiedemann: The Online Knapsack Problem with Incremental Capacity - Results and Future Research (467)

Timm Treskatis: A Trust-Region SQP Method for the Numerical Approximation of Viscoplastic Fluid Flow (283)

Lara Turner: Variants of the Shortest Path Problem (1165)

Susanne Wiedenmann: Supply Planning for the Material Use of Renewable Resources (1017)

Christiane Zeck: Online delay management in passenger transport (1038)

Oddo Zhang: Optimisation of Ambulance Move-up (1235)

Task 2.1-2.3: Lectures within the framework of OptALI (948)

Task 2.4: Summer School in Auckland 2011 (1995)
Summer School in Göttingen 2012 (1022)